Frick Heck, I MISS THE LOFT The Ratchet Loft was my pride and joy. My first solo apartment and MAN was it ratchet. We’re talking:  BUGS  PARKING LOT FIRES  PEOPLE SLEEPING IN STAIRWELLS  And much much more Initially, I thought the bugs were crickets – which I think are super cute. Turns out these ones […]


Organized Chaos = No Clutter The subtle art of having things appear “clean” is really the practiced art of PLACING things. My OCD brain has organized this segment into three types of placing: Clumps Layering  Placemats CLUMPS A clump is a group of items that fit cohesively together. Usually tied together by function, size, and […]


Where Do I Put It??? – A Guide to Hanging Art Alright let’s chat about something that will make or break your space: ART PLACEMENT The direction of the piece, “free” surrounding space, and the background it rests against will completely change the look of the piece and the space it inhabits. And we want […]

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