kaleigh gold ratchet door mural pizza community
Not pictured – the paint covering my legs


Had a fricken blast doing some * manual labor* out on the ave (Whyte Ave).

Community Taps + Pizza had approached me during Art Walk, asking for an eye-catching door mural to attract foot traffic.

So NATURALLY – we did some trippy pizza with a where’s Waldo of pizza ingredients

Alright catch the process:

ratchet gold community taps + pizza door mural pizza mock up
~ the initial mock-up ~
ratchet gold door mural initial paint pull
What we’re working with
ratchet gold community mural pencil draw up door
~ the penciling ~
ratchet gold community door mural black and white pizza painting
Black and white realness
ratchet gold door mural painting gold pineapple
Mmmmm sweet sweet pineapple paint
ratchet gold door mural cheese pizza
Oooo yes mix in some c o l o u r
kaleigh gold ratchet excited about paint mural
Yelling in excitement on the street about how nice the cheese colours are
ratchet gold community door mural paint blue pepper ring
Close up of the ~ magic blue pepper ring ~

Also peep the colour mixing. Pretty noice hey?

ratchet gold kaleigh gold community taps + pizza door mural

(Also look how cute the lil fork door stopper is)


  • Sanding the entire door and FINALLY getting it clean – bare bones clean – after 11 hours of sanding, scraping, and chemical peeling
  • Painting the cheese!!! Used a special brush and technique with minimal paint mixing to create a van gogh-esque effect
  • Children coming by to tell me how much they love each topping and asking to paint with me
  • Meeting my now – videographer – Doug and building a beautiful friendship while he documented the process for me
  • Getting to know the fabulous staff at Community and trying the best onion rings I’ve EVER had
Ratchet gold kaleigh painting door mural
Photo creds to Doug!


  • Get drill pads with hook n loop velcro and dust holes
  • Peel paint in the am, sand in the pm
  • Take pictures of the door hardware before taking it all off
ratchet gold spilled paint oops
Story Time:

After priming the door and applying ONE coat of white paint – I left for the day so it could dry before the pencil draw up the next day.

When arriving home, I opened my trunk to see that the FULL gallon of white paint had exploded e v e r y w h e r e in my trunk. I’m talking tools, supplies, trunk interior. My entire trunk was (and still is) coated in non-washable EXTRA-STRENGTH exterior paint.

I tried to salvage what I could and pour the paint from my trunk mat back into the can – but sheesh this was not the move.

It took me TWO hours in the bath to scrub the paint off my arms and another few hours to clean up the aftermath that was left on every surface I touched.

IN SUM: hammer closed your lids!!! Put them in milk crates!!! OR USE WASHABLE PAINT.

ratchet gold kaleigh covered in paint oops
Anyways, I had a fricken baja blast the entire time and can’t wait for the next mural!


Let's make something weird.

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