Kaleigh Gold posing in Ratchet Art tent at Whyte Ave Art Walk

Art Walkin, Talkin, and Gawkin

Okay so, here’s the tea. Art Walk? IT WAS FRICKEN GREAT.

I had an absolute b l a s t and already can’t wait for the next event!

Getting to paint outside and chat people’s ears off about art?? 10/10 time according to the KG-o-meter.


Kaleigh Gold Ratchet Gold Art Walk Map Whyte Ave Calgary Trail Edmonton

So I really lucked out and got a sweeeeet placement! My tent was right on the corner of 83rd ave and Calgary Trail – aka a ton of street exposure. On Friday, I had the PRESTIGIOUS end spot. Rough estimate, maybe 6,000 people walked by. It was crazy.

BUT the best part about the corner spot? All the kiddos on their field trips!!! 

They would see my louder than life art and come r u n n i n g. At times I had 10-20 kids gathered around me to see what I was painting and talk about which pieces they liked best.


Kaleigh Gold painting Pink Squiggle at Ratchet Art Artwalk YEG
Bubblegum Squig

Apparently painting during the event wasn’t that common?! I had a surprising amount of photographers and social media personalities swing by and take some shots while I was in action.
I also had a ton of videos taken of my tent! I’m going to attribute it to the loudness of my work and the slightly crazy set-up I had going on.

Ratchet Gold Art Walk Fan Video Frames and Paintings
Ratchet Gold Art Walk Fan Video Tent Walk by Instagram
Ratchet Gold Art Walk Fan Video Tent Walk by Canvases LICK ME Instagram
Ratchet Gold Art Walk Fan Video Tent Walk by Kaleigh Gold Painting Instagram


I was also OVERJOYED to be able to share my art with others. My frames were a big hit and the prints weren’t too bad either 🙂 Really looking forward to seeing how each are styled in their new homes.

Ratchet Gold Art Walk Instagram mention prints checkerboard pink grid red diamonds
Geo Prints
Ratchet Gold Art Walk Fan Instagram mention Squiggle brain noodle brain pink framed painting
Noodle Brain
Ratchet Gold Art Walk Instagram mention BITE ME framed painting


This experience was one for the BOOKS. I learnt so much during this time – like ya girl went to school. Even more, I had so many meaningful interactions with incredibly beautiful souls.

Here are some of my faves:

  • Having an international gallerist tell me that my art belongs in a gallery along the coast of California
  • Making a new art friend with the same loud-ass energy as myself 🙂
  • Being told that I create “mansion” art
  • A hilarious couple that gave me their chicken and steak tacos from Julio’s

One slightly less-than-ideal part of all of this was tear down each evening. Setting up was a breeze! Early mornings + sunshine + art decoration = yay nice happy fun woo!

BUT, tear down? Anarchy. 

On Saturday, we were hit with a freak storm and my guac got roooocked. Shout out to the lovely mother and daughter that held my tent down while I frantically loaded up my car for the first trip back to my place. Yes some of my art got damaged, but I’m just grateful for the endless support of the art community <3 

Ratchet Gold Kaleigh Gold Art Walk Posing with Prints in tent

I couldn’t be more thankful for this exhilarating dive into the Edmonton art world. 

I’m really looking forward to nurturing all that was planted at this event 🙂

Kaleigh Gold Ratchet Gold Dancing in her tent at yeg whyte ave art walk

Let's make something weird.

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