kaleigh gold ratchet door mural pizza community

YA’LL THIS WAS SO FUN Had a fricken blast doing some * manual labor* out on the ave (Whyte Ave). Community Taps + Pizza had approached me during Art Walk, asking for an eye-catching door mural to attract foot traffic. So NATURALLY – we did some trippy pizza with a where’s Waldo of pizza ingredients […]


Kaleigh Gold Ratchet Gold Dancing in her tent at yeg whyte ave art walk

Art Walkin, Talkin, and Gawkin Okay so, here’s the tea. Art Walk? IT WAS FRICKEN GREAT. I had an absolute b l a s t and already can’t wait for the next event! Getting to paint outside and chat people’s ears off about art?? 10/10 time according to the KG-o-meter. LOCATION So I really lucked […]